Our Mission:  Our Mission is to adopt the Florida Statute which provides a Public Defender to parents who aren't represented in Family Law, therefore guaranteeing representation for all. Every parent deserves a lawyer in Family Court. Also, families should have a separate entity to air their grievances instead of the 3rd tier of government, the judicial system. Families deserve their privacy and the ability to remain as intact a unit as possible while deciding the details of the divorce.
Mother's Advocates, Inc. was founded in 2005 to advocate for legislative change regarding the Family Law Rules of Procedure and corresponding Rules of Court.  We believe every parent who is a respondent deserves a lawyer, regardless of ability to pay
Mother's Advocates, Inc.
Advocating for the legal rights of all parents, regardless of ability to pay. If your're the respondent without representation, you deserve a lawyer
Our Mission is to make stronger families

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